Jazz Up Your Water: DIY Fruit-Infused Detox Waters Galore!

Jazz Up Your Water: DIY Fruit-Infused Detox Waters Galore!

Create a refreshing and healthy twist to your daily hydration routine with our DIY Fruit-Infused Detox Waters. These delightful concoctions not only keep you hydrated but also cleanse your body with the natural goodness of fresh fruits and herbs.


  • 1. Fresh strawberries – 5-6
  • 2. Sliced cucumber – 1/2
  • 3. Fresh mint leaves – a handful
  • 4. Lemon slices – 1
  • 5. Ice cubes – as needed
  • 6. Water – 2 cups


  1. Wash the strawberries and cucumber thoroughly.
  2. Slice the strawberries and cucumber.
  3. Take a pitcher and add the sliced strawberries, cucumber, fresh mint leaves, and lemon slices.
  4. Fill the pitcher with ice cubes.
  5. Pour water over the ingredients.
  6. Stir gently to combine all the flavors.
  7. Let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to infuse.
  8. Serve your refreshing DIY Fruit-Infused Detox Water in a glass with ice.
  9. Enjoy the natural detoxifying benefits!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 2 servings

Upgrade your daily water intake with our Fruit-Infused Detox Waters. These vibrant and flavorful drinks not only elevate your hydration game but also provide essential vitamins and antioxidants. Whether you’re looking to detoxify or simply add some excitement to your water, this recipe has you covered.

Nutrition: Calories: 20 | Carbohydrates: 5g | Fat: 0g | Protein: 0g

Stay refreshed and rejuvenated with these delightful DIY detox waters. Make them a part of your daily routine and sip your way to a healthier you!

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